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Conscious Intravenous Sedation

Conscious Intravenous Sedation

Fear and anxiety about dental treatment affects a large number of patients. When it comes to surgery, it can reach unsuspected heights.

Fortunately, sedation exists and the maxillofacial surgeon has the knowledge and skills to provide it to his patients safely. It is a procedure that facilitates surgery and increases your comfort level during surgery. You will be able to respond to the surgeon’s instructions. However the time will seem to pass very quickly and you probably will not remember the surgery as such.

Administration of intravenous drugs

  • Anxiolytics: changes your perception of time during surgery
  • Narcotic: reduction of pain and pressure sensation associated with oral procedures
  • Steroidal anti-inflammatory: decreased swelling as well as post-operative nausea

Day of intervention

  • Fast of solids and liquids 6 hours before your surgery (Clear liquids water / apple juice allowed 3 hours before)
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt
  • Remove your nail polish so that the saturation sensor may work
  • You must be accompanied for the appointment. This person must remain in the waiting room during your procedure .
  • Do not take any other sedative on the day of the procedure. If you have medication to take in the morning, they must have been authorized by the surgeon before the procedure. You can take them with a sip of clear liquid of your choice.

During the procedure

We place an IV line by which we administer the drugs.

After the surgery

You stay in our recovery room for 15 to 30 minutes, so that the sedative fades and you meet the criteria to leave.

The drugs used will still be in your body for a few hours. It is therefore important that you take the following precautions: You must be accompanied by an adult who will safely take you home. You will not be able to drive for the rest of the day.

  • Rest at home with your head in a slightly elevated position for the rest of the day.
  • Avoid standing up suddenly or sitting down quickly as this can cause dizziness.
  • Take the medication as prescribed by the surgeon.