Bücco - Ortho guide


During orthodontic treatments, there may be emergency situations. Here are some helpful tips:


It can occur after installing an appliance, braces or a follow-up appointment. Teeth can be sensitive for a few days. The first few days after starting treatment, it is suggested to eat softer foods. If necessary, take painkillers (Tylenol or Advil). In the majority of cases, the pain disappears after 3 to 4 days.

Poking wire

If the wire is poking or a bracket injures the cheek, cover the end with the orthodontic wax that was delivered to you in your starter kit. Contact the secretary to schedule an appointment.

Wire moved

Please contact the secretariat to schedule an appointment

Broken braces

Occasionally this may occur during treatment. The first thing to do is to identify the location of the bracket that fell off and to contact the secretary.

Loose braces

Slide the bracket close to the neighboring braces. With the orthodontic wax, make a small ball and adapt it on the two brackets. In this way it will no longer move and can be recimented during the next appointment

Loose lingual wires

When the lingual wire is loose, contact the secretary as you must be seen quickly. Bring the wire to your appointment if it has completely fallen. Be advised that extra fees might be charged if the wire is lost or broken and must be remade by Dr. Rizkallah.

Lost, broken or loose appliances

If the appliance is broken, twisted or injures the mouth, stop wearing the appliance. If it is a palatal expander device, the key turns should be interrupted. And do not hesitate to contact the secretary.

Hyrac(the fixed appliance used to enlarge the palate)

Food stuck in the appliance

Use brush or floss to dislodge food debris.

The appliance is difficult to activate (key turns)

Before calling for an appointment, verify that the last turn has been completed and that the next hole is entirely visible. Make sure the key has entered the hole and activate it from front to back. To make it easier, lie down, chin well up to the back in a well-lit area.

Sensitivity when activating the appliance

It is quite normal to feel a slight pressure during the activations. In this case, we suggest to take Tylenol or Advil according to the dosage.

Lost separator

Many patients lose a separator. No need to worry. Simply call our office to see if it is necessary to replace it. Alternatively, you can try to place it yourself in the following way using 2 pieces of dental floss:

  • Thread the 2 dental flosses to the center of the separator.
  • Fold the bristles on each side so as to stretch the separator.
  • Slide the separator between the teeth.
  • Make sure that the top of the separator remains visible above the tooth.
  • Remove the bristles carefully.

At any time, you can contact us by e-mail: info@yulsmile.com