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Orthodontic appliances used

Orthodontic appliances used


You have completed your active orthodontic treatment. You say done with braces, elastics, Invisalign trays and regular appointments! You think you are free now?

And not quite…

The most difficult phase of your treatment is over and your teeth are now perfectly straight. However, it is now necessary to maintain the results as long as possible: this is what we call the retention period.

The essix appliance

Most patients receive a retention device of this type. It is a small, very discreet retention device. It is transparent and keeps the teeth firmly in place. It is a thin plastic molded on the teeth. This appliance must be worn as recommended by Dr. Rizkallah. Your cooperation during this stage is essential for an optimal result, because your teeth have a memory and they try to return to their initial position all your life, even after an orthodontic treatment.

At the end of the orthodontic treatment, you become responsible for your smile. If the appliance is not worn properly, we may have to resort to restarting the treatment. It is therefore important in case of loss or breakage of the device to communicate with us as quickly as possible.


Brush it daily with your toothbrush and toothpaste. It is strongly advised not to eat with the appliance. When not in the mouth, the appliance should be placed in its box. Avoid leaving the device near a heat source or within the reach of an animal (cats and dogs love to chew on these appliances).

The hawley appliance

It is a small retention device made of a metal bar and an acrylic part in contact with the palate. It should be worn as recommended by Dr. Rizkallah.


After meals, brush your teeth and your device with toothpaste. Cleaning capsules for dentures are strongly discouraged.

The lingual wire

The lingual wire is a fixed wire glued to the back surface of the teeth so that they retain their position after treatment. The wire is usually placed behind the lower and upper anterior teeth. These wires remain on your teeth all your life. It is important to take care of it with a thorough brushing and daily flossing.