What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a unique process for correcting the position of teeth using clear plastic aligners. These aligners are made by computer from very precise impressions of your teeth. The tooth movement is incorporated into the aligners, so that each aligner is slightly different from the previous one. Each of the aligners is worn for a period of one week20-22 hours per day.

The final position of the teeth is based on a digital simulation of the treatment established by your orthodontist. Dr. Rizkallah spends several hours adjusting these simulations and uses all his expertise to ensure the treatment plan.

Invisalign offers an alternative to brace that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and convenient.



Aligners are transparent and almost undetectable when in place


The aligners are thin and their contours are rounded. And the adaptation time is very short.


Aligners are removed for eating and cleaning of teeth.


As aligners can be removed, no changes in hygiene techniques are required, as opposed to traditional braces that increase food retention. Maintenance of the aligners is done by brushing and rinsing them with warm water.

Do not interfere with speech.


WARNING : It is not recommended to smoke when wearing your aligners as it may stain or discolour them. It is also not advisable to chew gum when you have aligners in the mouth.

What are the steps

  • Following impressions and other diagnostic data, the treatment plan is confirmed by the orthodontist and all material is sent to Invisalign.
  • A simulation of the teeth movement is then created and routed to the orthodontist for analysis.
  • Dr. Rizkallah then modifies the virtual treatment and ensures that he or she meets the expectations of the treatment.
  • Once the simulation is approved, the aligners are manufactured and sent to the clinic.
  • The aligners are then delivered to the patient with all the information related to their wear and maintenance.
  • Dr.Rizkallah will see you every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure the proper progression of the treatment.

Am i a candidate for invisalign?

Invisalign now enables more dental movements to be performed and allows more complex problems to be corrected. Only a consultation with Dr. Rizkallah will determine if you are a candidate for this type of treatment.

Your Orthodontic Specialists

Dr. Jean Rizkallah

DMD, MSc, FRCD(c), Orthodontist

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Dr. Jean Rizkallah is originally from Laval. He completed his pre-university studies at Collège Laval and Marianopolis College. A graduate of the University of Montreal in dentistry in 2009, Dr. Jean Rizkallah subsequently obtained a certificate in the multidisciplinary residency program of the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Center.

In 2014, Dr. Rizkallah completed his specialty in orthodontics and completed a master’s degree in dental sciences at the University of Montreal. He was recruited as a clinical professor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital where he supervises the treatment of patients with special needs and whose health is compromised. In addition to his studies and work, Dr. Jean Rizkallah enjoys sports, traveling and, above all, spending time with his family.

In August 2014, Dr. Rizkallah established his practice at 4400 de Salaberry Street to provide orthodontic services. During his practice at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, he discovered a passion and a facility to treat children. His warm approach and his patience will put you in confidence.

Dr. Jean Rizkallah is a member of the following dental associations:

Dr. Clarice Nishio

DMD, MSc, PhD, FRCD(c), Orthodontist

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Dr. Clarice Nishio completed a Master’s degree in Dentistry, with an option in Orthodontics, as well as a postdoctoral fellowship in Cell Biology at the University of Montreal. She also obtained a Doctorate in Dental Medicine and a Doctorate in Orthodontics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Nishio has received several awards and honors and has even been a guest scientist at Hiroshima University.

In addition to being an associate professor at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Montreal, Dr. Nishio offers quality orthodontic services at the Yulsmile clinic. Her gentle manner, contagious smile and meticulous work will immediately put you at ease.

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