Different options may be suggested to restore your child’s teeth, such as fillings or crowns.


Grey or white fillings are recommended to fill cavities

Amalgam Fillings (“Grey” fillings)

Amalgam is a popular type of filling material which has been used for many years. These types of fillings are only used on back teeth. They are known to be durable.

Composite Fillings (“White” fillings)

Composite fillings are white fillings that offer the advantage of being more esthetic. They maintain the tooth’s natural colour and often go unnoticed in the mouth!


For bigger cavities where a filling is not possible, crowns are recommended.

Stainless steel Crowns (“Grey” Crowns)

Stainless steel crowns are durable and long lasting. They prevent future loss or fractures of the tooth. These shinny caps protect the primary (baby) tooth until the permanent (adult) tooth erupts.

Zirconia Crowns (“White” Crowns)

These crowns are placed on teeth with larger cavities. They offer the advantage of being highly esthetic and durable as well. They maintain the tooth’s natural colour and often go unnoticed in the mouth!

Your specialist in pediatric dentistry

Dr. Rita-Maria Chami

DMD, MSc, FRCD(c), Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Rita-Maria Chami obtained a doctorate in dentistry at the University of Montreal in 2017. After finishing her dental degree, she then pursued a one-year multidisciplinary residency program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital at McGill University, during which she was able to broaden her competencies and confirm her interest in the treatment of children.

Dr. Chami went on to complete her 3 year specialty training at the University of Toronto, where she was also awarded a Master of Science degree. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and is a member of both the Canadian and American Academies of Pediatric Dentistry. 

After the completion of her training, Dr Chami returned to practice in her hometown of Montreal. She is now a clinical professor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, as well as a guest lecturer at McGill University’s faculty of dentistry.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr Chami’s goal is to provide a pleasant dental experience for her patients and their families. She aims to provide the best care in a comfortable environment so that every child can leave with a smile on their face after their appointment!   

In her free time, Dr Chami enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her friends and family. She also likes trying new restaurants and baking new recipes.

Dr. Rita-Maria Chami is a member of the following dental associations: